Registration for the 2020 Retreat will begin in the spring of 2020.

LIFT Retreat - Website Under Construction for 2020-Save the Dates Sept 18-20 , 2020

Our Worship Leader:  To Be determined

Our Speaker: Cath Livesey

Cath Livesey leads Accessible Prophecy, working with churches across the world to develop a healthy and mature prophetic culture that both resources discipleship and empowers mission. She is the author of My Sheep Have Ears and The Prophecy Course and has many years’ experience of teaching and training people to grow in hearing God’s voice and using the gift of prophecy. She loves living in Sheffield with her family and is busy planning her eldest daughter’s wedding.

Update for 2020

The LIFT Retreat has always been about refreshment through inspiration and fun...and there will be some of that ...for sure!! 

 But, as in 2018, this year, LIFT will have a different focus.  We are aiming for a Gathering

           that will  continue to fan the flame of purpose and destiny in each woman's life, 

           an event that will provide ‘LIFT off’ for a DEEPER walk with God   

                     that can eventually lead you to fulfilling Matthew 28:19,

                           "Go and make disciples of all nations...."

There will be worship, testimony, practical exercises, large group teaching, and a chance to process through what God is saying to you personally in small groups.

One foundation of life as a disciple of Jesus is learning  to hear His voice.  

Cath Livesey in her book, "My Sheep Have Ears" writes:

“Discipleship is at the very heart of our Christian faith.  The call on our lives is not simply to believe in Jesus but to follow Him as disciples.  And we can only consistently and effectively follow Him if we learn to recognize His voice and respond with obedience.”

And another quote from this amazing book:

“The more I read the Bible the more I become convinced that an absolutely fundamental part of our spiritual inheritance as Christians is that we can learn to hear and identify the voice of God. I’m not talking about hearing God through the words of Scripture, as precious and necessary as that is, (and I want to be clear I have never heard the audible voice of God) but about hearing his ‘now’ words to us, words that speak directly and into our current, specific reality…”                           

Last year we were very blessed by our speaker Hannah Montgomery from Scotland.  One of Hannah's mentors is a women named Cath Livesey. We are delighted that Cath has agreed to come from the UK to be our speaker.  Cath founded and leads a worldwide ministry called Accessible Prophecy. She has taught many many people how to tune in and hear God's voice.  One of her favourite topics to teach on is the Holy Spirit. She will primarily teach on the Holy Spirit and also help us practice hearing God's voice.

There will be two options for taking in the Gathering. There will be the camp option...the best deal! A two- night stay from Friday evening till Sunday after lunch. For those who prefer a one- day option, this is available. Arrive Saturday at 9:30am ready to dive into the sessions and stay for lunch and dinner (and Saturday Night Live) before you head home. Find more info on registration at