Helen Keirstead was a faithful LIFT Retreater and a dear friend to many. In her honour, LIFT wanted to remember her helpful and kind-hearted approach to life - and created this great fundraiser we've been doing bi-annually since 2011 - Helen's Sale!

It's a 4-hour sale of Used-But-Like-New Women's and Teen Girl's Clothing at crazy prices. Proceeds go towards helping women attend retreat who may not be able to afford it otherwise. 

Thank you to all who donated or purchased clothing. The morning sale was a resounding success and as a result, LIFT is able to help women who may be financially challenged to attend the weekend.


Amy Scott
Amanda Andrus
Cat Gallagher
Ciel Crosby
Gerri Spence
Juli Melanson
Laura Marchand
Nancy Marshall
Patricia Smith
Sandra Irving
Shelly Tonen
Tanya Hendsbee
Tina Bezanson
Rebecca MacDonald
Georgie Gallagher

Kelly Hennessey


Helen's Sale


About Us  

The Ladies In Fellowship Together (LIFT) Retreat Committee is a volunteer committee made up of women from several denominations who have usually had such a great time on a retreat they had to sign up to help with the next one!

The LIFT roots began with the Baptist women in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia more than 30 years ago, and their love and openness built a connection with women of other denominations. At our 2014 Retreat, more than 20 denominations were represented. We can't wait to see you and your friends this year!

Our tagline is "Renew. Refresh. Reconnect." - with the Lord, yourself and your friends!

Interested in helping? We are looking for four or five committed volunteers for LIFT 2018. We need women with strong organizational and "can do" skills as well as a writer/communicator familiar with website and email writing (any one liking writing will do!). The commitment is remarkably condense - most of the work occurs in 2018 leading up to the retreat weekend. Consider joining our team!