Worship Leader - Laurie Schmuland

​Laurie has been singing since she was a little kid and leading worship for 15+ years. She has grown in this calling and seeks to honour God with it. "He is the reason I sing. I am so looking forward to this retreat and worshipping in song with other women! I am praying for life transformation by the power of Holy Spirit!" 

These speaker and worship leader bios are compact, representing but a breath of these women's encounters with God. Each has experienced the Lord as their Anchor first-hand through universal, yet unique, hardships. Join us as they share from their "ships logs" through testimony and song. 

Speaker - Sue Demmons


Sue is a long-time active member of First Baptist Church, Dartmouth, NS. She is passionate about hearing the voice of God, discipling, prayer and healing ministry and has spent many years in various roles with Community Bible Study,


Speaker - Holly Roddam 

Holly is mostly widely known as a singer and worship leader in the Baptist & Anglican churches, author and “the lady with the blue (or green) hair”! Holly’s dream is to one day see “a nation come to God in a day" and for us all to step out in the Spirit, healing and moving in power, to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth.

Speaker - Amanda Andrus

Amanda is part of a church plant in Halifax, a leader of a semi-annual teen girls retreat and full time missionary at her day job - in the building supplies field. She is known for her singing, worship leading and "beat boxing" and has been a key part of the LIFT 2014 & 2016 Committees.​